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"How Smart Green Living Enthusiasts Are Building Solar Panels To Save As Much As 95% Off Their Utility Bills..And How You Can Do The Same.."

An in-depth look at DIY solar power and how it can help you save thousands of dollars off energy costs..

John Anderson Asked: How can I save money on electricity and go off the grid with solar power?

Solar panels are being used all across the world today, as an alternative energy source, and as a way to ultimately save money by going off-grid. Friends of mine have personally used solar panels and experienced incredible savings on their utility bills. The main thing is, regardless of your goals, whether to just have a side hobby that you work on at weekends, or a lifechanging hobby that saves you a few 1000 dollars a year, building solar panels at home is a great decision and I've never had any of my readers complain and say they regretted the work they put in! 

Now, whether you are DIY friendly or not, it's not a big deal, the majority of goods can be purchased from your local hardware store for your first solar panel, these materials include:

  • Solar cells
  • Plywood board to support the solar cells
  • Glue to fix the solar cells
  • Batteries/a battery in order to store extra energy produced
  • Plexiglass to cover the cells and to protect them from the weather
and most importantly, unless you are a DIY expert, which I'm not :) an instruction guide that will teach you exactly where to purchase the cells/materials, at the cheapest possible prices, as if you are unaware of where to go, the bill and repair bill if you do stuff wrong can exceed 100s of dollars, a good guide can teach you how to put together your first cell for as little as $90.  We don't recommend many products here, but Power Freedom is spot on with this. If you watch their video HERE - you will see exactly what their system includes, infact they actually have a guide included in their system that shows you all the places in America to buy cheap solar panels, if you want to do it this way and go directly to the money-saving end. Their main guide includes a "How-to" solar panel guide, so either way, you'll know exactly what to do following their instructions. I used the Power Freedom system and it took me about 3 weekends to get the system put together.. this was working about 6 hours on Saturday and 4 on Sunday due to family commitments.. if you have more spare time than this then I'd say 2 weekends could do it. It's a fun project regardless as you end up with your own home solar panel system at the end of it, and it's very rewarding looking at exactly what you've done and knowing you'll save a lot of money and actually help the environment..


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